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Sydney Health & Fertility is a Naturopathic clinic that provides general health & fertility-related services.

We are dedicated to reproductive health and well-being at all stages of life.

We believe a healthy body is a fertile body and a healthy family is a happy family.
Our experienced practitioners provide professional care to achieve your goals, and work closely with doctors & other health-care providers to ensure you receive the best and most successful treatment possible. Integrative and collaborative health care is central to our practice. 
For over 17 years we have specialised in treating male and female fertility issues naturally, helping hundreds of couples have healthy babies. As a result, we treat many children's health issues too!

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Menopause & its place in life


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Transitioning into menopause is a natural part of life. All women will experience a biological decline in ovarian function leading to the end of their fertility and capacity for reproduction. However, the actual experience of menopause for women is individual and is influenced by a multitude of biological, cultural, socioeconomic and lifestyle factors.


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Recipes & food ideas for menopause coming soon.



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